• Business
    KDI Inc. is the parent company of KDI Group. The company
    has started its business by supplying and distributing chemicals
    as an agent of global petrochemical manufacturers in the US,
    the UK, Netherlands, and Italy in 1964 and has been continuously
    extending its business scope.
    KDI Inc. has been sustaining its history for 50 years and is known
    as a trusted company in the global chemical industry. KDI Inc.
    timely supplies the ideal amount of products by researching/
    analyzing the trends of the global chemical industry and predicting
    the production and demands according to region. In addition,
    KDI Inc. has its own global network of a variety of global suppliers
    such as the US, Japan, and China, so that it can stably secure a
    wide range of special chemicals. KDI Inc. is providing quality
    products to customers thanks to its long-term partnerships with
    global chemical manufacturers.
    Moreover, KDI Inc. is importing high quality eco-friendly raw
    materials from the Netherlands, the US, and other nations and
    supplying them to the domestic automobile and electronics
    industries. Since KDI Inc.
    • established a foreign corporation
      (KDI Holdings Pte. Ltd.) in Singapore
      in 2013, it has been concentrating
      on exports to ASEAN nations such
      as Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia
      and expanding its business reach to
      the Turkish and African markets.
    • Business Sector

        Tire market
        Optical fiber coating
        Special chemical.
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