• Introduction of Gunsan Tank Terminal of Namduck E&C Dream Hub, Gunsan
    • Introduction of Gunsan Port
    • Facilities and Handling Items
Namduck E&C, spun off from Namduck Corporation in January
2014, owns and operates Tank Terminal located in Gunsan. It
provides liquid cargo storage and handling services. In addition, the
company is actively contributing to the vitalization of Gunsan Port as
a logistics hub for importing to China and playing a key role as a
logistics center for its trading business.
Furthermore, Namduck E&C is acting as a Business Management
Division by providing shared service to its affiliated companies such as
Namduck Corporation, KDI Inc., and KDI Holdings Pte. Ltd. (Singapore).
Industrial technical competence with a 30-year history
The business goal of KDI GROUP is to smoothly and accurately operate its
logistics system as well as to procure products. With the start of Youngjin
Tank Terminal in the 1st West Coast trading port of Incheon Port in 1979, the
company has constructed Namduck E&C Tank Terminal in Gunsan Port and
has been operating it for over 30 years for liquid cargo storage management
and handling services which requires specialized professionalism.
Tank Terminal, which is a junction point of marine transportation and
overland transportation, is an important facility business for storage and
handling of chemicals and raw materials. Namduck E&C Tank Terminal of
KDI GROUP boasts its outstanding capabilities of safe storage, transportation,
and handling of liquid cargo. There has been not been a single accident so
far since its establishment, which has enabled Namduck E&C Tank Terminal
to be recognized as a safe workplace.
A liquid professional rooted in practical knowledge and experience
The logistics business of the chemical industry, particularly in the operation
of tank terminals, requires highly experienced skills, a broad range of
understanding, and deep scientific knowledge of products.

Most employees and operators of Namduck E&C Tank Terminal have been
working for the company for various periods since the establishment of
Namduck E&C Tank Terminal in 1995 and dating back to the construction
of Youngjin Tank Terminal in 1979. Therefore, they deeply understand the
chemicals and tank facilities required to successfully operate in the
chemical industry and have great know-how and insights for executing
their work.
Namduck E&C Tank Terminal of Gunsan Port which is an emerging distribution hub of Northeast Asia
Namduck E&C Tank Terminal is located at Gunsan Port which is rapidly becoming a dominant hub terminal in Northeast Asia.

Gunsan Port, a distribution hub for trade with China, Russia, Japan, United States, Canada, Indonesia, New Zealand, and other nations,
has docking and storage facilities that can accommodate four 50,000-ton vessels and twenty-three 25,000 to 35,000-ton vessels at
the same time. It is a very competitive distribution hub for cargo storage and handling thanks to its various feeder routes.
Thanks to Gunsan’s aggressive port development as a part of the
‘Dream Hub Gunsan Project’ responding to the great increase in trade
with China and Russia since 1990, Gunsan Port will become a main
gate port of the West Coast area. Gunsan Port has a key role in the
economic exchange with China because of international passenger
ships plying between the international passenger terminal of Gunsan
Port and Shidao Harbor of China. As a result of the Saemangeum land
reclamation project and the Gunjang industrial complex construction
project, Gunsan Port is expected to leap forward to be an economic
hub of Northeast Asia. (Visit the website of Gunsan Industrial
Information System/Industrial Infrastructure.
(www.geis.kr/menu/index.php?FIXID=115) for more information on
Gunsan Port.)
Quality, Customer Focus_One-Stop Service

The expert staff of Namduck E&C Tank Terminal is able to ensure
safe delivery of a customer’s valuable cargo to its intended
destination through its one-stop service that is catered to
customer’s needs.

There has been no major accident since its establishment. Under
the business goal of ‘Zero Accidents’, Namduck E&C Tank
Terminal performs property management, inventory
management, cargo transportation, tank oil leakage
management, and safety management in accordance with
international standards.

Namduck E&C Tank Terminal provides value-added services such
as heat processing, nitrogen packing, drum processing, and tank
lorry delivery upon request.
Environment and Facility of the Pier

Depth of water: 8 to 11m, able to accommodate 20,000DWT vessels
Average sea level change: 4 to 5m

NTT area: 36,860m2
Total capacity: 27 tanks with 60,100K liters
               No. 33 of the 3rd Pier of Gunsan Outport
               Secured piping facilities by tank

Business focus: Storage and handling of liquid
chemicals and petrochemicals
10F, Manhatan bldg., 33, Gukjegeumyung-ro 6-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 150-749 Korea
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