• S.H.E.Q_Safety, Health, Environment & QC
    • Namduck E&C Tank Terminal is aggressively practicing ‘S.H.E.Q Activities’ in order to comply with
      international safety and environment standards and provide high quality services to customers.
    • Safety
      The company is following process safety management regulations
      (PSM policy) and operating its own accident prevention program.
      Fire · explosion prevention program
      Cargo leakage prevention program
      Internal administration of hazardous material unloading
      Internal management of cargo tank inspection
      Subcontractor safety managemen
      Firefighting facility maintenance and management
      harmful substance management · hazardous equipment inspection
    • Health
      The company is in full compliance with the Toxic Chemicals Control Act suggested
      by the Ministry of Environment in accordance with international conventions and
      operating an employee health maintenance program.
      Implementation of employee health examination and promotion of health
      Workplace environment measurement
      Hazardous material management
      Equipped with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
    • Environment
      The company is following the policies suggested by the Korea Environment
      Preservation Association (KEPA) to protect the atmosphere, water, and
      ecosystem of the earth as well as the surrounding environment of the company.
      Soil pollution inspection
      Waste disposal management
      Management of marine pollution control facility
      Toxic chemicals management
      Operation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) reduction facilities
      Recordkeeping of air pollutant emissions
      Commissioned arrangement of water surface cleaners
    • Quality Control
      Customer satisfaction
        - Provision of service corresponding to customer requests
        - Rapid processing of customer complaints
      Task improvement
        - Sharing results of team communication
        - Work standardization
      Knowledge management
        - Sharing management innovation contents and goals
        - Management of knowledge contents of handling products and machine equipment
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