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KDI GROUP is a company grown from international trading company Korean Distributors Intl., Inc. (KDI) established by company founder Yong Eul-shik in 1964.
KDI has been growing alongside the Korean economy and has contributed to setting the foundation for the Korean chemical industry by manufacturing and trading chemicals and petrochemicals. In the 1970s, as Korean industry and economy propelled to great heights, the business of KDI also advanced greatly.
In 1975, the group founded Namduck Corporation Co., Ltd. and started to import industrial raw and subsidiary materials including basic chemicals, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, fine chemicals, and special chemicals and supplied them to domestic manufacturers and other industrial sectors. In addition, Namduck Corporation exports its own products and other domestic products to the overseas market. Moreover, Namduck E&C Corporation operates Gunsan’s only liquid chemical storage ‘Tank Terminal’ and provides storage and handling services of industrial liquid chemicals and refined oil for other chemical manufacturers and traders.
After sustaining their proud 50-year history, KDI and Namduck Corporation finally established a sales corporation in Singapore in 2013 in pursuit of emerging as a dominant player in the global market. KDI GROUP is currently operating four subsidiaries and will become a group that maximizes its effectiveness and synergy effects by strengthening the professionalism of each subsidiary.
  • Integrity refers to possessing an honest and reliable attitude and mind.
    The integrity required for an organization encompasses compliance to rules,
    regulations and sound business practices and the establishment of a
    relationship based on mutual trust.
  • KDI GROUP, a company handling industrial chemicals, adheres to international safety
    management policies that protect the lives and health of employees from negligence
    and ensure that the handling of chemicals is held to the goal of ‘Zero Accident’. As
    the result, there has been no major accident since its establishment and Namduck
    Tank Terminal in Gunsan is recognized as one of the safest workplaces, as a result.
  • KDI GROUP is handling fundamental chemicals required for the enrichment of
    everyday life. As much as these chemicals are essential to our lives, they carry a
    risk to society and the environment. Therefore, KDI Group is in full compliance
    with the Toxic Chemicals Control Act suggested by the Ministry of Environment
    in accordance with international conventions.
  • KDI GROUP aims for having full transparency of its organization. KDI Group actively
    supports anti-corruption activities of Transparency International (TI) and Transparency
    International Korea (TIK) and practices transparent management by maintaining zero
    tolerance of corruption and illegal business activities. As an example, Namduck
    Corporation won the business award for Exemplary Taxpayer in 2012.
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Since its foundation in 1964, we, KDI Group, have been growing through the import and supply of major raw materials such as petrochemicals, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, fine chemicals and special pulps to domestic and overseas industries. With the start of our logistics business in 1994, we are currently operating 27 tanks of 60,100 kiloliters in Gunsan and will continue to expand our tank terminal business.

In addition, through the establishment of a sales corporation in Singapore in 2013, we have founded a forward base of operations to penetrate into the ASEAN markets.

Not being fully satisfied with our achievements, thus far, we will strive to diversify our overseas customer base, to supply high quality products, to globalize our business, and to spur business penetration into new markets.

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  • Educational background
    1956  Graduated from Jungang High School
    1960  Graduated from the College of English of Hankuk
               University of Foreign Studies
    1989  Graduated from Yonsei University Graduate School
               with Honors in Public Administration

    1984  Awarded an Seoktap Industrial Medal
    1991  Received the Prime Minister’s citation
    2012  Awarded best tax reduction in business
  • Participated in the JCI general assembly as the chief
    delegate of Korea (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)
    Served as a vice president of Junior Chamber
    International (JCI)
    Served as a founding member and director of the
    Association of Foreign Trading Agents of Korea
    Served as the president of the training institute of
    Junior Chamber International Korea
    Served as a consultant of JCI Long-term Development
    Served as the chairman of Junior Chamber
    International Korea
    Served as a standing member of JCI ASEA
    Development Committee
    Served as the chief delegate of Korea for the 29th
    JCI General Assembly (New Zealand)
    Served as the chairman of the Association of
    Foreign Trading Agents of Korea
    Served as a director of the Korea International
    Trade Association
    Served as a chairperson of Korea Shippers’ Council
    (Korea International Trade Association)
    Served as a director (auditor) of the Foundation for
    Korea-America Enterprises Cooperation
    Served as a vice chairman of the Korea International
    Trade Association
    Served as an auditor of the Korea Sanhak Foundation
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